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Who We Are

H&W Technology Service is a financial technology (FinTech) solution provider specialising in developing trading platforms, CRM systems and digital marketing solutions that cater to the global financial industry. Founded on the belief that innovative technologies could be harnessed for a better financial world to better serve consumers, we leverage data-driven technologies and innovative business models to deliver the highest performing systems and premium services for forward-thinking businesses worldwide, taking their businesses to the next level. H&W Technology Service is headquartered in Hong Kong, with major regional offices in Singapore and Australia.

Our Team & Values

We are a global team of dedicated professionals coming from diverse backgrounds - financial analytics and operations, business intelligence, data architecture, Internet engineering, user-centric design and development, digital solutions etc. We believe that being open to diverse ideas, experiences and backgrounds makes innovation possible, and is ultimately good for our clients. Our sole focus is on making our global clients’ businesses run more successfully with measurable results.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to drive financial innovations with beautiful technologies, to create and share more value with all.

Our Vision

To co-create future fintech ecosystem for a better everyday life for the many people.

Our Services

Smarter fintech solutions with smarter insights and technologies for smarter business.

Digital Marketing Solutions

A seamless quality experience for your audience across all channels.

Content Marketing

Communicate more valuable content to engage your audience for successful brand development

Social Media Marketing

Inspire hub affiliations and drive interactions for an engaged brand community for all

Search Engine Services

Optimise your website and search marketing to strengthen your brand

Digital Advertising

Drive more engagements and conversions of precisely targeted audience at reasonable cost

UI & UX Design

Create user-friendly interactive experiences centred on your brand’s core values

Web & App Development

Highlight your value with pleasant user experiences powered by responsive designs and advanced technologies

Affiliated Marketing & Omni-channel PR

Develop deeper relationships with all across channels and touchpoints for a stronger brand

Optimised Process & Team Management

Orders, Sales, KYC, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance, Compliance and more

Platform Integration & Account Management

Seamless integration with various platforms, efficient management of multiple accounts

Multi-tier Commission Structure

Flexible settings of multi-tier commission structure, agent and rebate system

CRM System

One-stop smart systems driving process optimisation and organisational transformations.

Data Management & Analytics

Valuable insights for enhanced customer loyalty

Reporting & Risk Management

A full data picture of real-time business for comprehensive risk management

Fund Management

Online processing of deposits and withdrawals, payment gateway integration

Role Configuration & Data Encryption

Flexible settings of roles, permissions and data encryption for a safe environment

Trading Platform

Premium trading platforms that are safer, more reliable and better performing.

Smart Automated Trading

24-hour easy trading with customised order setting and optimal trading strategies

Mobile Trading & Customised Settings

User-friendly interface, multiple languages and customised settings for easy trading anywhere, anytime

Liquidity Aggregation

Optimal aggregation of liquidity for better spreads, execution, and risk management

Data Engine & Analytics

Comprehensive indicators, interactive charts, in-depth analysis of real-time and history data for rational decisions

Risk Management

Real-time macro and micro trading management, easy risk monitoring and control

Real-time Reporting

In-depth reports customised to your needs

Financial News & Alerts

24-hour comprehensive economic data and customised alerts available for smart trading

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in H&W Technology Service. Please leave us a message for any enquiries or questions about H&W Technology Service. Our dedicated team will be in touch with you shortly.

Let’s grow and achieve more together. Please send you CV to hr@hwtech.hk

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